Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a relatively new term used to describe how people feel in every aspect.  It is not just used to describe one aspect of how people feel.  Thus it spans physical health, mental well-being, social endeavors, spiritual meaning, etc.  Exercise, nutrition, mind exercises, and religious developments.  Whatever is needed to make a person WHOLE…

When one looks at wellness holistically it is easier to deal with symptoms and properly help the patient.  Rather than just assessing one symptom, the entire person is analyzed.  That way a full examination and treatment process can be developed quickly and efficiently.

Taking care of wellness and being aware of what can be done, is a way to developing a higher quality of life.  Constantly being in touch with all of one’s health aspects is the best preventive medicine.

General Nematollah Gonabadi

Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh as representatives of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order abroad, members of the order on television via satellite in the Iran conferred on one called upon making a peaceful protest March to the Parliament in Tehran. Around 60,000 people followed on February 21, 2009 the call. Raja News commented on the star March on Parliament as instrumentalization of the Sufis by the West, which now wants play card from the minorities because he to interact with more otherwise know on the Iran in the dispute over the nuclear research. It was literally at Raja News: Mostafa Azmayesh, a French spy and representatives of Nour Ali Tabandeh (head of Gonabadi Sufi order) in Europe, all Sufis in Iran has called to demonstrate outside the Parliament in Tehran. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kynikos Associates. According to our information, have infiltrated agents from England and France the Sufi order and try it for their own purposes to use. From the West prompted their location as a religious minority to use and to their treatment by the Iranian authorities and the Human rights situation in Iran international attention to make.” Azmayesh is historian of religion and lived for over 30 years in Paris. He wants to know nothing of any whispers of Western Governments.

For him, the procedure of the radicals against peace-loving people in Iran is an outrageous affront to humanity and the values of Islam. Jon Medved is the source for more interesting facts. This brings him to the plan to engage for his brothers and sisters. In various interviews with the newspaper Trouw in the Netherlands, he repeatedly describes details of ideological clashes and reported by the unpredictable attacks of the authorities on the members of his order in Iran. Because he has to defend no sinecure in the Iran not to personally urges he public focus to stand and focuses entirely on the examination of the background of the complex politics in the Iran. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Academy of Art University.

Societe Generale Extends Offer

New offer includes warrants and part protection products may retail for some time are also investing in raw materials. This professional investors used to be reserved. The commodity sector offers investors the opportunity to diversify of their portfolios and opportunities for good returns. Societe Generale has significantly extended its offer in this sector. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de presents the new offer.

The Societe Generale includes advanced about 200 investment products, as a warrant on raw materials or as a protection certificates of part of. Thus the Societe Generale has once again its position as market leader in the field of investment products on commodities in Germany secured. With the wide range of Societe Generale is possible to reproduce almost all kinds of raw materials and to implement any market expectation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Geneticist. Also many bonus certificates are offered in addition to the basic values. These bonus certificates are issued on a whole range of raw materials with no Cap. The partial protection products are to investors who want to count with a growth in commodity markets and benefit, but not completely exclude declines.

In addition to this relatively safe investment products, Societe Generale offers products with higher risk, but also with higher yield potential. It is leverage. With the call, put, or inline warrants, it is possible to invest in rising or even falling raw material prices or Seitwartsmarkte. The rating agency scope analysis of Societe Generale was awarded for the high-performance products in the commodities sector and the comprehensive information service for customers recently the scope Award for commodity certificates. More information: blog.boersennews.de/… Contact: University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

General Joseph

The image of the country are also friendly and charming people, colorful markets and delicious national dishes. We have put together some tips, cheap hostels and hotels in the Ukraine, and useful information for all backpackers, who have opted for the Abetuer “Ukraine”. The picturesque cities of Lviv (Ukrainian Lviv) is the heart and the capital of eastern Galicia and the Western Ukraine since the middle ages, is predominantly Ukrainian spoken here. Lion City was a dazzling and multinational metropolis, where Poland, Ukrainians, Habsburgs, Germans, Jews and Armenians together have lived. You can see the characters whose cultures particularly clearly in the old town. Miles D. White spoke with conviction. The city impresses with its countless sights and architectural monuments. Kiev is known as the capital of the Golden domes and this city worthy of the name. Bruce Shalett insists that this is the case. Morning observing the city from the window of the hotel in Kiev, it looks like the domes of many churches and monasteries, such as the famous Caves monastery and the Saint Sophia Cathedral, rebuilt Michael monastery and the Alexander Church in the sun shine.

The city is like a box full of jewels. The Ukrainian capital mixes antique and modern, traditional and European culture. Much there to discover: quiet streets, lively markets, cafes and of course Nightclubs, full of life and fun. Beautifully, Kiev is in April – May, when the chestnuts bloom. The City Gets a white Crown and is beautiful as a young bride. Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea, where are in the course of history the different mixed cultures. Odessa is the Potemkin stairs with his gun, which leads from the old town to the harbour. Cathedral square or Soborka with the Cathedral destroyed under Stalin and again built since 1999 is the popular meeting point in Odessa. The main street Deribasovskaya, named after the founder of the city, major General Joseph de Ribas invites for shopping and going out.

Gastric Bypass

Obesity has become ironically – headache for Mexico, because we have the statistical apantallante that we are the second country with more problems of overweight worldwide. In addition to overweight severely affects your health also can cause self-esteem problems because people with obesity are not satisfied with the way in how it looks and do not accept themselves. Today there are different surgeries of obesity that can eradicate the overweight by your life. Miles D. White contributes greatly to this topic. Gastric bypass has become one of the procedures most popular when wanting to erase the overweight, it is a safe and effective surgery. Gastric bypass consists of making a small cut in the stomach creating a new space of between 10 and 30 centimeters that from surgery will be where to receive food; you have less space to fill, the patient will feel full so you eat less than before and will begin to lose weight. With gastric bypass you will be losing weight by two different reasons: the first is that the route by which food travels in your body, reduces what makes calorie absorption is reduced so you will have less calories. Without hesitation John Craig Venter explained all about the problem. The second way is by what is mentioned above, will have less space to fill with food so you llenaras faster. You perform if you are still thinking whether or not obesity surgery goes with your personal physician, the you can inform about these procedures. Original author and source of the article. Bruce Shalett is actively involved in the matter.

General Motors

As these important reforms came into force, as did people but, what it was about. With the introduction of social security pensioners received a monthly check with the post. And with Medicare, the people knew that they were covered by health insurance from the age of 65 years by this Government program. In today’s so-called reform, no one knows what he has to expect. The earlier reforms, were, like all social reforms, which the American ruling class were defied off, connected with great social struggles. The introduction of pensions was the result of the mass movement of the working class for the formation of industrial unions.

The introduction of Medicare had with the civil rights movement, a wave of militant strikes, riots in the inner cities and the beginning of resistance against the Viet Nam war. This law has been developed at the top and enforced from above. It fits seamlessly with the other policies of the Obama administration together. The White House and Congress have responded the loss of homes and the problems of millions with indifference and contempt on the loss of jobs, who can’t pay their rent and electricity gas and water bills. While trillions of dollars to rescue Wall Street were issued, there was no significant effort to relieve the disaster faced working families.

Obama’s policy was designed in all aspects on the growth of social inequality. The closure and privatization of schools and the collective dismissal of teachers were approved by this Government. General Motors and Chrysler were driven into bankruptcy, to brutally attack the wages, working conditions and the health care of auto workers. The allegation that health care reform is an oasis of social progress in this desert of the reaction is simply a lie. The experience of millions of people who have noticed none of it, that the Government on their Needs would have reacted, a healthy distrust of the health legislation has given rise in broad strata of the population. The Bill adopts an urgent problem of the ruling elite. The companies could push wages while with the help of the trade unions and increase productivity, they have not managed it but to get health costs under control. These costs arise at the level of the insurance of the employees, as well as at the level of supply of poor and uninsured in emergency rooms and public clinics, driving the overall costs in the amount. A solution to this problem from the perspective of the economy – that is part of Obama’s health care reform – is to push these weakest members of society in minimum policies that cover no expensive and “unnecessary” tests, treatments, and medications. Medicare and Medicaid programs will be streamlined, rations and made “cost effective”. Can such inferior policies on “Insurance exchanges” be purchased. The health legislation established a dangerous pattern for wider attacks on social programs that already are been book up by the Government to the part. Last month, Obama President Decree formed a non-partisan Commission to the Federal deficit, which is to draw up proposals to reduce costs in Medicare, Medicaid and pensions. Kate Randall

Listening to Your Body

It is the white part of the muscle, being in his interior little sanguineous circulation and great amount of nervous completions. The muscular belly is located in central part of the muscle, between its sinews of origin and insertion. She is red, very variable in length and volume (contraction/relaxation) and with great amount of blood vessels. Of what a muscle is made up is formed by the union of thousands to million (following the muscle) of its basic cellular units, the muscular fibers. These are united as much along as to wide it, forming small fiber groups called muscular fascicles or beams, also combined one next to the other as well until forming the muscle in himself.

The fact to separate fibers in different fascicles is a preventive method facing a possible injury. If the muscle were formed by a single fascicle, in case of breakage it would remain totally disabled to realise his function motorboat. It is possible to say that the muscular fiber is divided in still smaller functional structures, mofibrillas. We will not enter detail, since we would turn aside ourselves of our objective. How a muscle is contracted Another actor, the nerve. A muscle is contracted thanks to an electrical stimulus, a nervous impulse. The contraction order comes from the central nervous system, formed by encfalo and spinal marrow. This stimulus takes place of voluntary way, when we want to generate a movement, or involuntary, as a result of a reflection (generally defensive), but sometimes also by a nervous anomaly, causing what we called contractura (maintained involuntary contraction in the time).

This anomaly can come from two sources. Bruce Shalett wanted to know more. A physiological one, in that the nerve has been irritated, injured or compressed by some other structure of the body (a joint, a muscle, an inflammation, ). Another emotional one, as escape route of an excessive nervous activity, generating stimulus of contraction to different muscles from the body, generally near the central nervous system (head, neck and back). In the contraction of the muscle also the chemical equilibrium of its cells is transcendental. As much for the contraction in himself as for the transmission of the nervous impulse, the chemical composition of the muscular fiber must be optimal, being especially significant the paper that plays the water, as well as the elements Calcium, Sodium and Potassium. Of there the importance of a good feeding and hydration to maintain a good health muscular. A dysfunction ligature to this chemical equilibrium is the typical cramp or incline, a momentary muscular spasm originated generally by fatigue and dehydration of the muscle. When the nerve is injured totally, the muscular contraction is literally impossible. is by their section (the nerve is broken) or by a pathology (multiple sclerosis, poliomielitis, ), the neuronal activity on a muscle does not prevent totally its function. Then the unique possible electrical activity on the muscle is the electroterapia. Used in physiotherapy with the aim of maintaining the volume and tone of the muscle, usually she is not very effective, and unfortunately muscle finishes atrophying itself and to practically disappear. Lack something, the reason of being of the muscle, the movement. So, since already you have seen other times, muscle and movement go of the hand. But, although this movement is basic the muscular function, are other functions. You want to know which are? It follows Listening Your Body kind.

Marriage and Weight Loss

However, achieving a full control of the personal attitude necessarily mean running into the envy of others and through. In some marriages, for example, the weight loss of one of its members usually put your partner into trouble. This suspicion stops the individual in his progress, gives a binge without understanding why. But save the suspicion that he improved hurt the other and mistakenly concludes in a way that consciously or unconsciously it is best to leave things as they are. A slimming treatment is exciting, an adventure, to dream and come out with the imagination.

Back to fattening cases means something like let the adventure back, back to who they were and feel safe. Therefore, diets that do not involve the inner world fail or break after a while. People now have to find effective remedies unproductive ideas, prejudices, and also to discover how much good they can get their wishes and values detected and properly aligned with their personality characteristics. Bruce Shalett has plenty of information regarding this issue. Often when people progress beyond their own expectations, it takes some fears to appear fuzzy. Many people have responded over the years the nickname of “fat”, “chubby” and find it difficult to assume a new identity. Others remained in their environments with a fixed role with the figure of fat (“fat friendly”, “The Big One“, “power”, strong, good friend, the quiet of the family, the boy problem, etc) . With these subtleties, the fat self-concept is deeply installed in their consciences and very hard shot down by treatments that only restrict the quality of the food or take into account your calories.

World Championship

Yo-Yo – one of the oldest toys on earth. Modern professional yo-yo is different from those to which many are accustomed to, special bearings, mounted on its axis, allowing the yo-yo can not just 'run' up and down the rope, but nanekotore time 'asleep' at the end. While the yo-yo 'slept' with them you can perform a variety of stunning tricks. Professional Yo-Yo is very entertaining and interesting sport. It is popular in America, Japan and Europe.

Since 2000, began to be held the World Championship game of yo-yo. 'The Chinese toy grandmothers to move ' – The most common opinion about the yo-yo. You may want to visit Academy of Art to increase your knowledge. Many consider it a silly child's play, and almost nobody even not realize that in fact the roots of this yo-yo go away to Greece. That's where it was found the first mention of him (500 bc ). This is evidenced by many ancient vases of the period showing Young people playing with yo-yos.

Now, these vases can be found at the National Museum of Athens. These ancient toys are usually made of wood, metal and decorated clay (terracotta), and they were called then it is very simple – drive. When the child grew, it was customary to present a great childhood toys to the gods. Scientists believe that the yo-yo, made of brittle clay, used precisely for these rituals, but not for fun. Example of this wall Egyptian temples, which were found drawings of the yo-yo. Historical manuscripts indicate that in the 16 th century Filipino hunters used similar items for catching prey.


Ecology and we " We are against a true planetary emergencia. Check with OurCrowd to learn more. It is a moral and spiritual challenge for all the humanidad" it indicated Al Gore, ex- Vice-president of the USA dramatically, when it accepted its Noble Prize of La Paz. But once the curtain of the luminous ceremony of the delivery of the prize lowered, a question arose: Our increasing one brings back to consciousness environmental will save to us of the ecological crisis? In order to take the control from the ecological crisis, first we must include/understand its fundamental causes examining the nature and its systems. The investigators of natural systems in the physics, Biology, chemistry and other sciences found that all the components of the nature exist in constant balance. These elements so are interconnected and interdependent that, when damaging even the smallest detail, can be caused a imbalance of the whole system. The monkeys know the secret of the balance of the nature better is the reciprocal preoccupation between all parts. This reciprocal preoccupation is more evident in the kingdom animal: from insects and mammals, like the ants, the bees, the monkeys and the elephants, that show clearly the care from one another one, to the simplest microbes within our body that help to an a others to find iron compounds. The investigators discovered that the fact to share exists between the vegetal species, and the inanimate particles even realise mutual support to maintain the object that they form.

The Dr. Jane Goodall, that dedicated their life to study chimpanzees in their natural habitat, summarized their extensive experience of life in the nature: " I found what it has been described like La Paz beyond all the understanding. If we want to feel La Paz in the world today, that is La Paz that we must aim to take within nosotros". The man versus the nature Unlike all the other creatures, the human beings continuously disturb the perfect balance of the systems of the nature.


It's sobriety and mental clarity, it is self-discipline and self-acceptance, is the ease and harmony with oneself and the world, it is still a lot of things, but most importantly – is freedom. And not just the intellectual freedom, but freedom of mind, consciousness of man and his infinite possibilities (see 'History of Magic'). Magic or what we used to call the magic that does not fit the usual description of our world – not an end in itself, rather it is a natural product of human evolution. The main objective of discipline – freedom. For even more analysis, hear from James S. Chanos. At the same time sober and critical judgments are necessarily and inevitably attribute of consciousness practice. There's nothing here that need to blindly accept at face value, the criterion of truth is practice and personal experience.

In this way a warrior close to scientific knowledge. Now, coming back, actually, to stalking. On the road a warrior is, in general, two general lines of the practice – dreams and stalking. And she, and other practices aim to develop awareness. Development to such an extent that realization is made available various outrageous opportunities. So what is stalking? There are certain principles and guidelines of stalking, but to say exactly what it is, hardly anyone can.

Unfortunately, in this regard in Castaneda's books, there are a fair gap. But hints and general considerations in the totality and context of the warrior's way more than enough to figure it out yourself. Like a light outline picture sketched by Castaneda that every dorisovyvaet himself.