Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a relatively new term used to describe how people feel in every aspect.  It is not just used to describe one aspect of how people feel.  Thus it spans physical health, mental well-being, social endeavors, spiritual meaning, etc.  Exercise, nutrition, mind exercises, and religious developments.  Whatever is needed to make a person WHOLE…

When one looks at wellness holistically it is easier to deal with symptoms and properly help the patient.  Rather than just assessing one symptom, the entire person is analyzed.  That way a full examination and treatment process can be developed quickly and efficiently.

Taking care of wellness and being aware of what can be done, is a way to developing a higher quality of life.  Constantly being in touch with all of one’s health aspects is the best preventive medicine.

General Assembly

and uranium one Inc. entitled ARMZ to send two representatives to the Board of Directors of uranium one one contract and one according to the by the shareholders at the General Assembly of uranium one approved the enlargement of the Board of Directors. The parties also agreed that ARMZ uranium holding co. You may find that Academy of Art University can contribute to your knowledge. delegated two representatives on the Board of uranium one, which is a place in Kazakhstan. In accordance with the framework agreement also ARMZ uranium holding co. and uranium one to occur together further acquisitions. Connect with other leaders such as John Craig Venter here. The completion of the acquisition is subject to approval by regulatory authorities: Ministry of energy and mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Competition authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Committee on foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS); Regulatory agency for foreign investment (FIRB) in Australia, as well as certain other approvals by regulatory authorities and stock market supervision.

The latter is expected Q4/2009 at the latest. Currently, the Russian nuclear industry has revived plans on a large scale for the construction of nuclear power plants inside and outside Russia. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Academy of Art University. Through the acquisition, Rosatom can its uranium resource base diversify and get access to new, high-quality uranium sources with high potential. As a result Russia creates additional competitive advantages in the global cyclical market for nuclear fuel and in nuclear power plant construction. The development of uranium mining in overseas should positively impact the geopolitical position of Russia, because the country was so far focused in mining on the domestic. Vadim L. Zhivov, General Director of ARMZ uranium holding co., said: I am pleased to inform our agreement on a strategic relationship and the acquisition of a stake in uranium one. In a situation in which competition for uranium bearing in an international environment increasingly comes to a head, the concentration tendencies in uranium mining are always striking, the decay of equity by uranium mining company again was replaced by the global financial and economic crisis in the last few months due to growth, ARMZ uranium holding co.

Institute Recycling

Moreover, she also has the ambient problems that the decomposition of residues cause to the environment and the population. Therefore, the selective collection is an ecologically correct alternative that it deviates, of the destination in sanitary aterros or lixes solid residues that could be recycled. 5 – TEMPORARY DOUBTS 5,1 – Which are the substances recycled and reaproveitados in Brazil? They are the following substances: Aluminum packings: Brazil is the champion, with 91,5% of recycling, to the front of Japan Argentina (both with 90%) Bottles PET: The country recycle 54.8%. The Japanese, that are in first place, show a 62% index Glass Packings: The Brazilians surpass the Americans, for 47% 40%. Still the country recycle 43.7% of paper, 46.5% of steel can and 26.6% of long packing life.

5.2 – How many tons of garbage Brazil produces per day? Brazil produces about 149.199 a thousand tons of garbage per day. But it recycle less of the half of the urban garbage, value very low if compared the amount of recycled material in the United States and the Europe. However, of that it is played daily in the garbage, at least 35% could recycled or be reused and others 35% to be transformed into organic seasoning. In this direction, a survey of the Institute of Economic Research Applied (Ipea) sample was carried through that Brazil could save about R$ 8 billion per year if it recycle all the residues that are directed to the lixes and sanitary aterros. Currently, the economy generated with the activity of recycling varies of R$ 1,5 billion R$ 3 billions per year. The information are of the Ministry of the Environment. Beyond the economic benefits, the study it pointed the ambient advantages of the recycling. 5.3 – The ONG? s exert a basic paper in the process of recycling of the garbage, however, which the destination of the money gotten with the recycling? The ONG? s (not governmental Organizations) is organizations formed for the civil society without lucrative ends and that it has as mission the resolution of some problem of the society.

Brazilian Citizen

If somebody gains minimum wage, does not have house pr to live, not if it dresses reasonable, he is illiterate and it passes hunger, he is not therefore that we, sortudos citizens, as they say the harms languages, we go to treat them with indifference, with empfia, disdain and humilhao. As we said, all the citizens are equal. They know of one? Here pr we, until admire that less portioned, because they humblly wash our cars, paint our houses, cook our foods, wash our clothes etc., that is, we give services that, if are not equally intellectual to ours, are, however, excellent, because she is not all aristocratic citizen who if would give to make this. Patience, n? Until things without the lesser importance they had given to comment now. John Craig Venter has similar goals. We, citizens imagine, educated, refined people, to park cars on our strolls, without importing in them with the blockage of the ticket of pedestrians, for who the sidewalk specifically we are reserved.

How thing more ridicule! One or another time that we make this, or we stop in the slope of entrance of our garages, while we lunch and we take off a nap, later, is not with this mrbida intention not, people. But also not cost nothing the face that comes of the work, hasty, the foot, to turn aside itself a bit from our vehicles? with the well-taken care of maximum, not to arranhar them? later going up again to the stroll. Being smart, not to be run over, ready, it finished, do not need to make storm in cup d? water! We, citizens, do not use our money to neglect nobody, to take advantage. We do not idolatramos corporeal properties, as falsely he says himself for there, much less we disdain the qualities human beings. The honest, intelligent citizen, good partner in its social and commercial relations, aspiring to a society more joust, militant asset for the promotion of the equality, and similar things, are references for us. We have much respect for them, we admire and them very. We are not citizens capable to vendermos the Moon, to touch fire in the planet with our immense pollutions, to deforest thousand and thousand of squared kilometers of bushes and forests, only thinking about gaining money with our creations, not.

We know that money is not everything, even so, as the singer says, either one hundred percent. Never, however, we lose the conscience of the well general one and the respect for the environment and all the citizens, are poor they or our pairs. Not, pairs, not? it pulls, of time in when I slip and I want to say my current language. The people need to understand that the Brazilian citizen in general is immaculate. If some slip commits, must be raised. They do not say for there that Brazilian we have optimum heart of the world? Then? Pr that to be with this vezo intolerante, of in them imputing bad behavior? Ademais, this heading of citizen has much weight. Let us respect it, please!

Internet Rich

Brazil? Where it is in this history? Brazil is a great joke, to the eyes of the others. Enxerga this who does not only want, or who thinks that this here is great ‘ ‘ fbula of crescimento’ ‘. True ‘ ‘ country of the wonders, rich in efficient environment, citizenship and politics, that please to all for the world inteiro’ ‘. In the truth this is the country here where the media controls the great parcel of the opinions, where it does not have truth laws, where rich is benefited with more money still and the poor persons are stimulated brazenly simply to dream of the wealth of that rich one, up there. Academy of Art University often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It stops at this moment and it tries to imagine how many people had died trying to reach this dream! How many people if had submitted to make what they, the great ones, impose! I bet that if these people came back to the life, with certainty would again try to run without second thought behind this illusion that is the money. Who was more intelligent would try to knock down all this drug that contaminates. later asks ‘ to me; ‘ how that a child takes a weapon for inside of a classroom in a particular college, and goes off against the other? ‘ ‘ She is simple! The children nowadays have access to the violence the entire day, every day of the year. It binds the TV and sees murder, rape, genocide, pilantragens, corrupes But and education of really?! It sees? In the ways where if she would have, for obligation, to stimulate the child to think about a worthy future, if to interest for politics, in exchange it attends televisionada misery, Internet repleta of futilidades and exibicionismos of a failed ideology of that ‘ ‘ you what you dress, purchase, as you if hold socially, if you are popular, if you tan musics of the fashion, if you frequent Mc the Donald? s regularmente’ ‘ for goes there.. By the same author: Academy of Art University.

Oil, Belligerent Energy

Oil, the belligerent energy We live the empire of the oil and the money – the remaining portion is disguise. Jose Saramago the planet divides itself in producing and not producing countries of oil, the ones that they possess and they do not have ways to use it in its fullness, the ones that they have force to get it and the ones that live under pressure to supply it. Academy of Art University describes an additional similar source. The oil makes the poverty and the misery of African nations, the wealth of Arab world e, paradoxicalally, represents the power and the extreme vulnerability of the United States. Visit John Craig Venter for more clarity on the issue. He is the main villain of the global heating and the ambient devastao who if abated on the planet in the last century. For return of 75% of the world-wide oil they belong and they are controlled for national governments or company of oil, and the remain is explored in regimen of concession or allotment.

The industry of the oil and the industry of the transport the engine walk historically of given hands, and meetings form the great engine of the development of the capitalist world. A barrel of oil contains 159 liters energy equivalent the 20 a thousand human working hours (ten years of 250 days of 8 working hours per day), that is, is an extraordinary product with and uneven energy potential. The petroliferous industry, although intensive in capital use, creates few jobs for the population in the places where if it explores the product. Although the oil to be indispensable to the global economy and of the time to completely substitute it to be uncertain, its continuous use imposes unacceptable costs and risks, displays the world the diverse vulnerabilities, with threat to the economic, civil and climatic security. The participation of the oil in energy matrices has only fallen by means of shock of prices or serious crises of world-wide contraction, and the reply most immediate she has been always the retaken one of space for the coal, what it only harms the environment.

Albert Einstein

‘ ‘ Dom of speaks was granted to the men not so that they deceived ones to the others, but yes so that they expressed its thoughts ones to outros’ ‘. Saint Augustin Theological Christian WHICH SECRET? For great money addition any notice is kept or deturpada. 14 In case that it arrives at the knowledge of the governor, us we will persuade we will put and you in security. 15 They, receiving the money, had made as they were instructed. This version it was divulged enters the Jews until today.

Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:14 and 15. ‘ ‘ Gold handcuffs are very worse that handcuffs of ferro’ ‘. Mahatma Liberating Gandhi of India JESUS AND the DISCIPLES 16 Seguiram the eleven Disciples for the Galilia, for the mount that JESUS assigns to them. 17 E, they turn when It had adored, It; but some had doubted. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP.

28:16 and 17. ‘ ‘ If pods not to understand, believe so that you understand. The faith precedes, the intellect segue’ ‘. Saint Augustin Theological Christian ANTIMATTER If those said intelligent of long ago wanted to kill the MASTER JESUS, are because they had certainty of the presence of that she existed beyond the substance. (Similarly see: Academy of Art University). the humbug continues with the great pensantes of the world that use the Natural Effect and know that ENERGY made the DIVINE them to appear and teimam in denying the CREATOR of all the existing things. However, as the intelligent said ones of the world that they deny the presence of the Spirit if contradicts! They are making research to use in the war antimatter. They had disintegrated atoms and they want to disintegrate the Souls? It is thing of malucos! ‘ ‘ The great espritos had always had that to fight against the fierce opposition of minds medocres’ ‘. Albert Einstein Physicist Jew-German The CRUCIFICAO OF a GOD Therefore, had asked for the crucificao of a God, and JESUS is the God of the Planet Land. Only that the MASTER did not grant the reward to them to use for the evil Its Divine Energy. 18 JESUSES, coming close themselves, spoke, saying to them: To all he was given me Authority in the Sky and the land. 19 IDE, therefore, you make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them on behalf of the Father, of the Son and the Espirito Santo; 20 teaching to keep them to it to all the things I have commanded that you. here it is that I am with you every day until the consumption of the century. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP.


The fact of the next legislature (2011/2014) to present numerical characteristics that pparently would determine a thundering governmental hegemony in the Congress, exists possibility of that the quality difference is decisive in the success of the opposition. Dr. Mark Hyman usually is spot on. Already it is more than what proven: desorquestradas shouts, berros and denunciations do not obtain nothing, still more ahead of populist governments as it was of Squid. The economic spree of the money and results had not been alone. Squid with its undeniable capacity of communication and its charisma one d&#039 had obtained to stifle scandals as a bucket; water erasing a palito of match. However two trends exist that, as much for the government how much for the opposition, they will be decisive in these next four years. I call trends because they do not only involve new facts, but also intuitivas evaluations on the performance of the instinct in the vanity politics.

The first one is in the PT with the more pragmatic profile less charismatic and of Dilma, characteristic that it will demand good administrative ability to keep the image left for its predecessor, therefore, Squid will have little exposition (exactly that esperneie) and if the party to try to keep it with much influence, will consume the CONSTITUTED REAL POWER and will demoralize the Brazilian politician-electoral system. Check out Academy of Art University for additional information. In acceptance terms, it is good for remembering that Squid had 83% of popularity and Dilma was elect with 56%, therefore, 27% of the admiring voters/of Squid had annulled its votes, had not appeared to the ballot boxes, had voted blank or in Mountain range, adding itself it the critical mass in wait compass. Second he is something that few comment: the internal insatisfao in the PMDB due to fisiologista position that the party adopted has 16 years more than and in it remains. The PT wants to grow and the PMDB does not want to lose the image that constructed throughout the time in its historical fights. The PMDB, that has been fidiciary office of scale in three last governments (four if to count of Itamar that also was vice), is going for 20 years without proper candidate to presidency and this insistence will be able to provoke a qualitative disagreement. now with the death of Qurcia, appears a new question: until point its absence will shake cohesion PT/PMDB? Some most ingenuous ones will say: ' ' But Qurcia was disappeared of the politics! ' '.

E who said that the main joints are made under the lights of palco politician? We will only know to observe daqui pra front. In my opinion, these two trends will be the heel of Aquiles of the next government. Organized oposicionista minority and that it plans action was always more dangerous effective and of what a flock of politicians bawling disorderedly. In history, while the majority if guided for the emotions, the minorities provoked changes. To be followed later by this same majority, always was and will continue being only one question of time and money. It is to read and to evidence.


Not it has authenticity, freedom, nor to know, only reproduction. The author poeticalally describes that ' ' in the kingdom of the thoughts, we are incorporal espritos, without gravity and necessity. Therefore, bigger happiness in the land of what does not exist that one that a productive spirit beautiful finds in itself exactly at the moments felizes.' ' E, we can add: that such joy occurs in special, when if is thinking and producing mentally its proper one to know, as a ruminant of ideas. The thought must be written to materialize the growth of the proper one to be pensante. In the third text, On the writing and the style, we are presented the two types of writers: the ones that they write in function of the subject and the ones that they write for writing; the first ones, had ruminated its thoughts; while the seconds, need money. As soon as somebody to perceive that a workmanship is superficial, must play it is, therefore the time is precious. Geneticist often says this.

The people read the new, journalistic and the compendiums, made as plaster molds. She must yourself be read browse-quality, in the proper source, adentrando itself in the thought of the true founder and finder of a theory, to sail in the wild sea of the ideas developed for the thinker, instead of riding the domesticated animal. We do not have to read workmanships on Goethe, but to read workmanships of Goethe. The great mass of workmanships is pssima and not it must have been written. An immortal workmanship requires qualities special, conquering the reader immediately. The style is the fisionomia of the spirit genius and literato, having to prevent the preciosismo, the searched carefully one, the enigmatic one, the tedious one, the superfluous one, the subjective one, the truncated one, the subordinated conjuncts and the neologism. With this focus a theory of the writing is presented, that encloses some questions related to the construction of the text by means of the systematic exposition of the thought, of clear and direct form, as the proper style defended in the texts.

Brazilian Supreme Court

He occurs that, with the advent of Law N. 8,906/94, the lawyers had started to have express legitimacy on the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, since article 22 of the related law thus makes use: The professional rendering of services it assures to enrolled in the stipulated OAB the right to the honorary ones, fixed for judicial survey and the ones of burden of payment Grifei. Soon, today it does not have more divergence to who belongs the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, visa the clarity of the cited special legislation. Although to be so excellent for the present study, since for the framing in the mode of payment (RPV and Precatrio) the value of the credit is taken in account and not its nature, pertinent it is not to say that today the agreement is pacific of that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute is had as nourishing mount of money. The Superior Court of Justia (STJ), when deciding the Kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court 608.028-MS, concluded that ' ' honorary the pertaining to legal profession ones, exactly of burden of payment, have nature alimentar' ' (available in the bank of jurisprudence of the site). In this exactly felt it is also the agreement adopted for Supremo Federal Court (STF) that thus it understands: ' ' honorary pertaining to legal profession the enclosed ones in conviction belongs to the lawyer and possesss nature alimentcia' ' (REVERSE SPEED 415,950, available in the bank of jurisprudence of the site). More information is housed here: Academy of Art University. With the current statute of the law and the OAB also it does not have more controversy on the nature of the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute. One became sedimented the agreement of that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute is of the profitable to lawyer and not indenizatria nature to the prevailing party as previous agreement.

National Congress

This politics of total destruction of the public services in Brazil is evident even in the commentary made for the president of IPEA, agency of the government that carried through the research, on the payment biggest that the poor persons make in relation to the rich ones of the IPTU, ‘ ‘ The mansions pay little tax that the slum quarters, and these not yet have public services as water, sewer and collect of lixo’ ‘ Of all the money produced in the Country what it does not go to directly stop at the hands of the capitalists and bankers it goes for the corrupt pockets of ‘ ‘ mensales’ ‘ of the National Congress in the sets of ten of corruption cases. While the workers and the poor population and work to pay taxes, the government Squid works for the international capitalists whom the national wealth transfers to all to its native countries, and end, nothing surplus for the people. But PT do not finish the advances here it government it, now its new phase start with an indoctrination in mass, the petistas intellectuals together with the MEC, had elaborated didactic book millions that will soon be distributed in all the Brazilian schools, in these books squid and the PT appears as the Deuses of Brazil, Squid is Christ and the PT is God, is in this way that the government squid is described in the books that will be deliver the Brazilian children. This government if places the owner of the truth, everything that had excessively made is disrespected, they only serves to govern the state, nobody more serves, now goes to try to seduce the children, goes to make a brainwashing in our students, this is not plus a democratic society, this is yes a partisan dictatorship, is all good come to the new?. According to Bruce Shalett, who has experience with these questions.