Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a relatively new term used to describe how people feel in every aspect.  It is not just used to describe one aspect of how people feel.  Thus it spans physical health, mental well-being, social endeavors, spiritual meaning, etc.  Exercise, nutrition, mind exercises, and religious developments.  Whatever is needed to make a person WHOLE…

When one looks at wellness holistically it is easier to deal with symptoms and properly help the patient.  Rather than just assessing one symptom, the entire person is analyzed.  That way a full examination and treatment process can be developed quickly and efficiently.

Taking care of wellness and being aware of what can be done, is a way to developing a higher quality of life.  Constantly being in touch with all of one’s health aspects is the best preventive medicine.

Gentle Methodology

What actually happens when the liposuction? Liposuction liposuction also called, is suitable for problem areas such as hips or belly. Smaller fat deposits such as Chin and knee are good to get away with a liposuction. Previously taken large needles with large diameter. It had to be solved with much movement and force the belly fat or the love handles. The fat went away but was an ordeal for the aesthetic plastic surgeons and patients so. The cosmetic surgery evolved quickly, the technology and methodology have been refined and gentle in the liposuction. Liposuction revolutionized conquered as the Tumessenz on the market of plastic aesthetic surgery.

The Tumessenz is a solution that is inserted just under the skin in the adipose tissue. It solves, for example, the fat belly so the fat pad on. Gina Ross is often quoted on this topic. You can say the belly fat liquefies. When it is first dissolved in the cells, the plastic surgeon takes a small thin needle and using liposuction, the fat goes away. The resulting lean Space, abdominal wall must grow again with the. If of course the Po fat was extracted then it must grow again in this region of the skin. Even figuratively to describe it: A sandwich has up and down a slice of toast.

In the middle is ham and salad. We take it out from the Center is a hollow space as the liposuction between abdominal wall and muscle. So that the skin beautifully again adapts to the abdominal a compression garment must be worn after the liposuction so that a permanent, low pressure wound healing is perfect. It is medically impossible to remove all fat cells by means of liposuction. (Source: F-Squared). Also known as Megaliposuktionen from 5000-6000 ml health are subject to a high risk. The plastic surgery liposuction, become increasingly in today’s society. Also riding pants (FAT on thighs) can well be eliminated and the liposuction can have a positive influence on the cellulite in stages 1 and 2. Liposuction is of course not to the take off the suited. The fat belly can be minimized and with much Excess skin is to recommend a subsequent tummy tuck liposuction. With a change of diet and exercise, the results of liposuction can be kept in the long term. It is also a fallacy if the belly fat away “that just never again has which attaches. Many think that E.g. the Po or thighs the character suffers from elsewhere at a weight gain. This is not right because with increasing by appetite fat cells themselves can extend and thus have not thousands small fat cells that make up your belly fat but the proportions no longer accept hundreds more (fuller) fat cells which are not so move your figure.

American Earthquake

Hip-hop artist Wycleaf Jean says that he has submitted the necessary documentation to apply for the Presidency of Haiti, the country that he left when he was a child. Jean made the announcement early this Thursday, August 5 at the American television CNN Larry King Live program. The singer traveled to Haiti to do everything necessary to achieve this new goal. (A valuable related resource: Gina Ross). Jean was one of the first and most visible celebrities to offer aid after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January, showed his people what is the hope. He has also been a great help to the nation through his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been under scrutiny for knowing how you spend your money.

Yes, this is first to announce live, since today I went and signed to be the President of Haiti, said Jean, in his first interview on television about his decision to run. Check out f squared for additional information. Anyone who is elected in November, the new President will face the monumental task of rebuilding the country which was devastated by an earthquake on January 12, which left more than 220,000 people, left more than 180,000 homes uninhabitable and destroyed 60 per cent of the infrastructure of the Government. The person who earns this place also will oversee the billions of dollars in international aid that gave to the country since the earthquake, this is a great test to see what the real importance of ethics in this Caribbean country. Now that our country has fallen, it is an opportunity to rebuild from the bottom up, said Jean, who added that he will be the voice of the youth of Haiti. The announcement of Jean quickly became a topic of discussion on the Internet, and many are debating whether the music star best known for his songs, by playing the guitar and dancing, could lead in country. His greatest critic was actor Sean Penn, who has lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, several months ago to help 50,000 displaced Haitians living in a camp.

Lambskin Products

If you suffer from cold feet you are always well advised products with lambskin. Lambskin products from the workshop of nature! The welfare of the sheep. Because of the desirable skins sheep don’t like farm animals in barns or cages are kept, but live quite freely in herds on the part of large areas. The sheep are not, but kept and bred because their fur for its meat. The fur is just a waste product, if you will. It is not something Dr. Mark Hyman would like to discuss.

In addition, a sheep supplies when it is shaved high quality wool. From this product wool again countless products such as socks, sweaters, hats, etc. are produced. The natural air conditioning. Sheepskins and lambskins have a big advantage over textiles. F- squared may help you with your research. You have the grandieose property to compensate for heat and cold seasons. This has been achieved still of any textile fabric, syntetisch produced. Lambskins feel always the same pleasant in winter and in summer.

Even under 30 isolate the wool fibers to natural manner and give a warm and fuzzy feeling. In contrast cool the wonderful wool fibers also at about 25 plus and give again a pleasant feeling. Also breathes a woolly sheep skin and conducts heat and also moisture after outside. Care and cleaning. Sheepskins have lanolin, which is a kind of wax and is processed due to his kindness to the skin even for baby skin care creams. This lanolin activates a self-cleaning, so you must wash lambskin products only at extreme pollution. Egg white proteins comprise 100% lamb skins give no chance to settle Ungezifer like bacteria, mites and also mushrooms. If you must wash a sheepskin yet once, they can wash most at 30 c in the washing machine with a special skin detergent. After washing, which is actually the most important thing must be the leather side of the fur are pulled and kneaded so that it is too soft. Here are a few examples of sheepskin products! Sheepskin slippers the natural warmth, the Sheepskin slipper indicating produce throughout the body not only on the feet, an indescribable comfort. Sheepskin slippers prevent colds and to significantly contribute to rid of them. Promote the blood circulation through a calming effect in adults and children also strongly detected in the feet. Car skins by effect of the Lamb fur, regulating the temperature in summer are warm in the winter and cooling car skins. Car skins are highly recommended for rheumatism and cold-related diseases. Baby lambskin that lambskin prevents baby from the bedsores and is protected by the protein proteins from infamous residents like bacteria, mites and fungi. The baby lambskin can be washed at 30 with a special skin detergent. Lamb coat applied a very gentle medical tanning in the tanning of a baby.

Airways Disease

There is a wide variety of symptoms to many known diseases now. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. may find this interesting as well. Each disease has its manifestations and the symptoms of certain features. The determination of the symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases. Some symptoms and causes are characteristic for different diseases, other symptoms occur only in certain diseases. And here are some diseases and their symptoms. Temperature increased as an elevated temperature is a temperature that is higher than 38 degrees. The feeling of fever may appear when the body temperature is higher than 37 degrees.

The increased temperature indicates a fight of the organism with different diseases. Since the increased temperature is a symptom of many diseases, every person at the doctor must consult. The increased temperature may cause unintended consequences. You can treat this symptom in the domestic conditions, but sometimes the medical assistance is required. In the domestic treatment to fight the symptom of many Diseases, the increased temperature, cold compresses, or by rubbing. Additional information is available at Gina Ross. The measles disease and its symptoms measles – a strong infection that comes from the virus. Symptoms of this disease are common skin rash, increased temperature, runny nose, cough, redness of the eyes. Measles is contagious.

The virus moves on. With measles you can infected through close contact with infected persons or objects. Measles epidemics are spreading the measles epidemics every two or three years in those areas of the world where there is no effective program of immunization. The measles outbreaks also occur in some developed countries, notwithstanding the wide distribution of the programs of immunization. Know the symptoms of the disease it is important to know the symptoms of the disease in order to properly respond to. A child who was born from the mother had the measles, gets the immunity in his first year of life. Once stricken with measles, the man gets the immunity for life. The time of the infection by the virus up to the Characteristics and symptoms of the disease (the incubation period) can take two weeks. The flu and its symptoms the flu is a viral disease, the Airways are affected. Unlike the majority of other respiratory viral infections, such causes more serious manifestations such as the common cold, the flu, may have a fatal. You need to know the symptoms of this disease well large epidemics of influenza. The unusually serious international outbreaks of influenza occurred several times in the past few hundred years. A very large epidemic of flu broke out in 1918. At that time you were up to 100 millions to victims. The bronchitis and their symptoms here are the symptoms of a disease yet. The bronchitis is a respiratory disease of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed. Depending on the inflammation of the bronchi, the tiny air passages in the lungs narrow which leads to coughing with a discharge. There may be shortness of breath. If you have moved to a cold, so it often goes into a Bronchitis over. It is important to recognize the symptoms of the disease in a timely manner. The cough is a clear symptom of the common cold, it is the protective reaction of the organism to rid the accumulated mucus. The common cough with a secretion of the ejection slot. Reducing the power of breathing appears a rochelnder according to fever may be but sometimes not observed.

Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Help with Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating when the thermometer in the altitude climbs, the body turns its air conditioner”a. About 3 million sweat glands produce fluid that evaporates on the skin and thereby to protect the body from overheating – a vital operation. In some people, the welding production exceeds the level of necessary however. The Antitranspirante of SweatStop offer effective remedy here. 30 degrees and sultry hot! Who can dive now not in the cool water or find refreshment in the mountain air, where sweat flows are going into. He must also fulfill the essential function of the thermal regulation for the body? Approximately 2-4% of the population is however disturbed the perspiration and far exceeded the normal secretion. In these cases, one speaks of a hyperhidrosis.

The so-called primary Hyperhidrosis occurs, usually without apparent reason, in puberty and affects especially the underarms, hands or feet. The secondary Hyperhidrosis can be a consequence of diseases, hormonal disorders, or drugs and manifests itself mostly generalized with an increased sweat secretion all over his body. Diabetics or women in the menopause often suffer. Somatic Experiencing recognizes the significance of this. The affected companies about sweat stains to hide or avoid sweaty situations often. Often this also in the profession and in the social environment problems that sweats or a damp handshake are not socially accepted. (As opposed to F Squared). For Hyperhidrotiker, this means a big loss of quality of life. Some react with withdrawal, isolation or depression. But it is also the normal sweating in the summer heat often too much, especially when form unsightly stains on clothes or even unpleasant smells are produced.

The easiest and most effective way to curb the welding production Antitranspirante based on aluminium chloride SweatStop, a specialist in problems, as they are of the excessive sweating, offers. SweatStop introduces the world’s most comprehensive range of innovative products in different concentrations and for all parts of the body. The action of aluminium chloride to the narrowing of the sweat glands and the inhibition of the weld River is in itself nothing new. A high concentration of 10-20, as it is necessary against increased sweating, can % sensitive skin but cause irritation. SweatStop has developed a special formula with skin-nourishing substances such as Aloe Vera and Dexpanthenol, with such concentration is well tolerated. Completely harmless, the Antitranspirante must be applied only every 2-3 days in the evening before going to bed on the clean, dry skin, to have their optimal effect. Under you will find many useful information about the transpiration and possible methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis. You can obtain the SweatStop products in the Internet shop direct from the manufacturer or order them in your pharmacy. Information


The combined laser photocoagulation and phlebectomy Once the data color duplex scanning show inability to perform puncture methods evlk (diameter of the veins is overly broad, more than 15 mm), the operation of choice is the elements of classic phlebectomy. The operation is performed under epidural anesthesia in the operating room. Produced typical phlebectomy incision in the groin of the which ligated the main Vienna, which provides for prevention of recurrence in the future. Through the same incision will be introduced by a laser fiber into the vein and performed laser photocoagulation. See Dr. Mark Hyman for more details and insights. If necessary, large inflows saphenous vein or small saphenous vein will be removed from the micro-puncture technique for or will be made sclerotherapy, ie the whole operation is limited to a single incision in the groin. Benefits combined method in comparison with conventional phlebectomy: is the operation gives a lower percentage of recurrence in the future – the operation is less traumatic than the classic phlebectomy;-operation has a high cosmetic results. Click Nasib Hasanov to learn more.

Disadvantages of the method due to the need for incisions and epidural or general anesthesia. The combined laser photocoagulation and sclerotherapy is used in various combinations at the discretion of the specialist on the basis of ultrasound and the state of the tributaries of the main veins. Complications after evlk (world data on thousands of observations): bruising, ecchymosis (bruises) to 24% thrombophlebitis 5-12% Deep vein thrombosis (a single observation in the world) Paresthesias (violations of sensitivity) 0-1% Suppurative complications (a single observation in the world) Removal of spider veins laser Vascular lasers target hemoglobin – a substance found in red blood cells in the lumen of spider veins. The laser light passes unimpeded through the skin, and completely absorbed only hemoglobin. This results in an instant, transient increase in temperature in the capillary, and the whole mass is literally “brews” vessel, after which it begins to dissolve. In order to reduce the temperature impact on the surrounding tissue during the procedure photocoagulation, uses special cooling system of the skin (cryogenerators). In comparison with laser radiation in the range between 500 and 600 nm, medical laser device with a length of 980 nm radiation provides a deeper penetration of radiation at the skin, affects the entire volume of the vessel and, thus, can be reliably perform coagulation of larger vessels with a diameter up to 1,5 mm. Laser radiation with a wavelength of 980 nm characterized by a substantially lower absorption in melanin, which protects the surrounding tissue.

Russia Asbestos

The peoples of the now-defunct "Sovdepiia" after a protracted era of total deficit, endless queues and goods, to put it mildly, dubious quality, finally got free access to the fabulous world of plenty of high-quality, accessible and safe for our health products, materials and technologies. Is this true? In my life, I often come across asbestos that is unique in its properties, natural minerals, open and used by the Jews, another for 1300 years bc. Wider application of it found in the early 18 th century in India and China. In Russia, a start in life asbestos gave Russian industrialist Nikita Demidov in the early 18 th century, and until recently, asbestos was used in almost all industries and sectors of the economy. It is used even for anti-virus filters, but a paradox, more recently, he was declared an enemy of humanity.

Why would a sudden? I propose to understand why a harmless mineral that served us faithfully for more than three thousand years, suddenly became toxic and to whom he was "moved" path. In my opinion, was initiated by the builders. F-Squared investments will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They or someone in their order, came up with a brilliant solution, which became in the late 20 th century for construction companies in Europe. After the Second World War, Europe lay in ruins, but it died down the last shot, signed by the world, and we must restore all that was destroyed by war. Like mushrooms after the rain created by construction companies. Europe is rapidly built by acquiring modern look and comfortable continents that we, if not personally, then pages of glossy magazines or tv screen.

Youth Hormone DHEA

Substance with unpronounceable name of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the starting material for synthesis of all sex and steroid hormones in your body. It is also called "hormone of youth" for its ability to enhance immunity, restore libido, enhance memory, improve mood, to protect from stress, restore energy and stamina. dhea reaches the maximum level in 20-25 years, then it number is halved to 40 years, and in 70 years secretion is only 10%. Moreover, other sex hormones are not so peculiar to the sharp age-related decline. For more information see Peter A. Levine PhD. Numerous studies strongly suggest that well-being inherent in young people is directly linked with high levels of dhea. Many leading scientists believe that the most reliable indicator of biological age of a person is just the level of dhea in his body.

Measuring the level of dhea in the blood of patients (regardless of the diagnosis) almost always indicates a low level of dhea. A restoration of the optimal level of dhea using drugs leads to that the majority of patients, regardless of age, starts to feel much better. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. might disagree with that approach. Medical literature suggests that the hormone dhea youth not only improves mood and overall health, but also has a number of specific therapeutic properties. If fatigue and chronic fatigue. With age, the adrenals are depleted and produce fewer hormones, including dhea. It was established that of people additionally taking drugs dhea, noted marked improvement in overall physical and mental condition has sharply increased energy, sharper than was thought. F-Squared investments: the source for more info. Especially effective action turns out to people over 50 years.

Main Diseases

Especially important is the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The purpose of the survey is to identify already the first signs of a disease, and in some cases – to identify in advance risk factors. This allows us to take timely measures to prevent or treat disease at an early stage of its development. Check-up can be likened to "safety standards" of the main body systems to identify faults and failures his work. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Sheck-up shows, and those who consider themselves almost healthy, but wants to assess the state of the organism and to identify long-term risk of disease, and those who are not feeling very well, but can not specifically identify cause and manner of ailments. Even a basic check-up can detect asymptomatic hypertension and to prevent stroke and disorders of the kidneys.

And also – the initial manifestation of coronary heart disease, diseases blood system, diabetes, tuberculosis, precancerous conditions, tumor stage at zero, thus allowing for better treatment outcomes, including a full recovery. The most important holding of check-up for early diagnosis stages of cardio-vascular diseases and cancer as the most life-threatening. And for the health care system, and for a particular person this way is more beneficial economically. Here, Nasib Hasanov expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the case of risk factors that may lead to oncological diseases, ischemic heart disease, stroke, stroke, heart attack and several other diseases, makes the program to model the image life – in order to avoid the occurrence of these diseases in the future. Repeated check-up allow us to estimate the dynamics of the important indicators to clarify the individual prognosis, complete system of preventive measures.

How To Keep Snow White Fur On The Muzzle And The Dog As A Rifle

This issue is of concern to all owners and breeders of ornamental dogs with white fur like Beaver City, Biro, West Highland White Terrier, Maltese, etc., and below we give practical advice to help us, and hopefully, help you get results. First and foremost, make sure the food you feed your dog, as well as all the food, which she is given as an incentive not contain dyes. Feed a premium is usually not contain dyes. If you give your dog food jar, make sure that there is no pink color, which may well be a confirmation of the presence in the diet of artificial dyes. If you using a variety of biscuits for the dogs as an additional promotion, choose those that have white or very light color.

Second, in many parts of drinking water may be too tight or have high content of iron and other components that are harmful to humans and dogs. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Mark Hyman. Use of such water could lead to the formation of kidney stones. Use purified water from a bottle or a missed filter. In addition, you can use dimensional glass water bottle. More info: Nasib Hasanov. In this method of hair on the muzzle your dog will stay dry. 'Untidy and dirty' hair on the muzzle is white dogs from the dog lowers the wet snout in a bowl with water or, conversely, first climbs in the bowl of food, and then pieces of food, connecting with water, stained white coat and make it untidy. And yet, if you'll enjoy drinking fountains, water will not be bacteria to multiply. The next important point.